Cameron Schettler

Michael Chard

Steve Verschuuren

Michael Chard is a creative writer, videographer and animator with skills in all fields of graphic design. Whether he is shooting a video or animating a short, he always has a list of projects on the go. Michael is currently working on the launch of our YouTube channel. He enjoys spending time with his dog Rebel, and singing songs on his acoustic guitar.

Steve Verschuuren is a trained comedian and audio producer. Whether you need written words to tickle the funny bone, or a carefully crafted piece of music, Steve is your man. With a mind always focused on great sound, Steve is also the forerunner of his own band, Antixx. He also enjoys cooking and writing screenplays.

Cameron Schettler is a creative freelancer. From the written word, to voice acting, to music, he thrives when he is helping others turn their ideas into reality. Having worked across a variety of industries without finding satisfaction he turned to freelancing to build the skills to live his best life. In his free time he plays bass in a punk rock band and daydreams about a utopian future.